Clint Orms Buckle w laced edge beltSeidel’s Saddlery strives to match the incredibly high quality in our custom belts to very high grade belt buckles. We stock several different makers, but all have that superior degree of excellence that is worthy of our exceptional leather work. The makers we carry –Clint Orms, Sunset Trails, Comstock Heritage, Schaezlein, Greg Jensen-- are all reputable makers who stand behind their work as we stand behind ours.

Heirloom quality belt buckles, such as we carry, are constructed using only fine metals–solid sterling silver and/or solid 10k, 14k, or 18k gold. There is no silver plate or gold fill in any of these buckles. These buckles are truly fine jewelry and are not mass produced, but done one at a time by hand, hand fabricated and engraved.

Die struck buckle construction begins with flat sheets of sterling silver (or gold) that is put into a die that presses the flat silver to form the buckle body and tip. These and other pieces are soldered together to make the buckle, keeper(s), and tip. Floral or scroll overlays are applied according to each individual design, and finally the buckle is hand engraved, polished, and antiqued for a mellow vintage look. The crafting of a sterling silver buckle with a twisted wire rope edge takes approximately 12 hours to complete. Some buckle makers also use the “lost wax” method of casting, wherein ceramic is used to make a mold around the wax buckle, and then is heated up very hot, so that the wax is melted (lost wax), leaving a ceramic mold to pour the molten silver into. The silver in the ceramic mold is then left to cool, after which the ceramic mold is broken, revealing the silver buckle. The engraving is then done by hand on the finished cast buckle. There is some fine craftsmanship that is represented in these buckles!Comstock buckle with alligator belt

Seidel’s Saddlery is unique in that we are able to offer many different buckle options from different makers and pair it with a superior hand carved exquisite custom belt. Our hand carved belts cannot be bought anywhere else. You can compare different buckle makers’ quality, prices, and compare the different looks you get with different belts—lizard, gator, bison, or our own hand carved leather belts. We offer a variety of styles and options, flexibility, and the ability to put the whole package together for you. We also tailor the pairings based on the customer’s lifestyle—whether you are an office executive, gentleman rancher, a conservative or outgoing dresser, have a big city or small town lifestyle—we customize that special belt and buckle package for your individual needs.

Let us put together that exceptional belt and buckle combination for you!





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