Concho BeltCustom chestnut belt with chocolate dyed background and sterling silver conchos.

One of our specialties, besides custom saddles and leatherwork, is the creation of distinctive, hand made belts. Both material and construction differences distinguish us from other makers.


Distinctive, handmade belts are a trademark of our saddle shop. Seidel’s Saddlery belts have been featured in numerous publications and are gaining value in collector markets as well. The outer surface is one piece of leather and the inner surface is a separate piece. The pieces are glued back to back and then stitched together. The result is a finished surface on both sides. The completed belt will be approximately 12 ounce weight (3/16ths thickness).

Concho BeltCustom chestnut belt with chocolate dyed background and gold flower conchos with sapphires and diamonds.

Our stitching consists of 10 to 12 stitches per inch, which is much finer than the industry standard. In the end, the product is very detailed and finely finished; a true functional work of art.


Seidel’s Saddlery belts are constructed using a saddle 'skirting’ leather exterior and tooling leather lining on the inside.  Skirting leather requires a tanning process roughly twice as long and with many more steps, but, we believe, the result is worth it. We also use only the premium part of the hide---no bellies, no necks, which translates into only 15 to 18 belts per side of leather.  While much more expensive as a raw material, the surface is more durable, colors more richly, and allows our artisans to capture finer detail in the carving than would result using strap leather.

Belt ComboCustom mahogany belt with black lizard filigree and black laced edge.

The result is superior definition, artistry, and durability in the finished product.


The tooling or carving on our belts has exquisite detail and depth. Our tooling style is in the traditional Sheridan style of flower carving; however, within that style, we have spun our own signature look that is truly our own. We use over 20 different stamping tools plus a swivel knife just to carve and stamp one belt. There is no pattern roller here!

Special Requests

From time to time, we receive requests for very specific dimensions. In most cases, we can honor requests for the different weights and finished widths. Custom tooling patterns and design matching available.

Tooled belt Patterns

Wyoming Wild Rose Tooling PatternCall us for sizes in stock!

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Wyoming Wild Rose is our most popular tooling pattern.

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Wyoming Wild Rose Tooling PatternWyoming Wild Rose..$500 Sheridan Primrose Tooling PatternSheridan Primrose.....$500 Yellowstone Rose Tooling PatternYellowstone Rose.......$500
Old Faithful Oak Tooling Pattern
Old Faithful Oak........$500
Annie Oak Leaf Tooling Pattern
Annie Oak Leaf.........$500
Historic Cheyenne Tooling Pattern
Historic Cheyenne....$500
California Poppy Tooling Pattern
California Poppy.......$500
Basket Belt Tooling patternCheyenne Scroll.......$500 Teton Rose Tooling Pattern
Teton Rose................$500
Wilderness Wild Flower Tooling Pattern
Wilderness Wildflower $750
Alpine Lace Tooling Pattern
Alpine Lace...............$750
Crazy Basket Stamp Tooling PatternCrazy Basket Stamp...$325
Basket Belt Tooling patternBasket Stamp Large....$325 Basket Stamp Medium SizeBasket Stamp Med.....$325
Basket Belt pattern small size Basket Stamp Small.....$325



 Western Exotic Belts
In our Western Exotic Belts, the body (center portion) of the belt is made of choice exotic leather, with a full lining. The ends of the belt (the billets) are carved in the Wyoming Wild Rose pattern and are made to your buckle size to hold the buckle, keeper, and tip. The finished belt has a seamless lining on the inside that is also finger carved.  A dramatic and elegant look with the contrasting textures of the exotic leather and hand carved belt ends, the western exotic belt is perfect for a dressy western look.

Alligator Western Exotic: $1,150

Western Exotic ChestnutThe Western Exotic alligator belt is one of our most popular belts.  We generally make the gator and the tooling the same color, for a simple and elegant look; however, you can be as creative as you'd like! Stocked in 1 1/2" x 1" in three colors; black, dark brown, and chestnut, but can be ordered in custom widths and sizes.

Western Exotic BlackBlack Western Exotic Dark BrownDark Brown Western Exotic Belt ChestnutChestnut

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Color Options

Cognac Color Sample

Any color you choose is included with the price of the tooling pattern you have chosen.
Feel free to choose whatever color you would like!

Cognac Color Sample
Chestnut Color Sample
Black Color Sample
Mahogany Color Sample
Light Brown Color Sample
Light Brown
Dark Brown Color Sample
Dark Brown

Belt Options

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Finger CarvingFinger Carved Background....................................add $75

'Finger carving' is an option on the back of our belts. This is a process when a pattern is cut with a swivel knife into the lining leather of the belt. This gives the belt a decorative look even though it is hidden to others. It relaxes the belt and makes it more comfortable and the texture helps to keep the belt in place on slacks or jeans.

Laced EdgeLaced Edge.............................................................add $500

We use only kangaroo lace which is considerably more expensive than cowhide, but produces a fine textured, smooth surface that wears extremely well. Kangaroo is used in the making of bullwhips and stock whips because it is tough and up to four times stronger than cowhide. We restrict lacing the edges on belts smaller than one inch due to the amount of room needed for the tooling pattern and the holes for lacing. Laced edges are available in Black, Dark Brown, and Natural.
Dyed Background

Dyed Background (two-tone)................................add $100

Dyed background is the process of using a darker colored dye, and "staining" the background on a carved belt a darker color, thus emphasizing the tooling pattern. We utilize dyes that are most compatible with the belt color ordered.  This is hand done with a small paintbrush.  (Photo shown is chestnut color with the background dyed).

Filigree with Lizard inlay.....................................add $250

The filigree option on a belt is achieved by cutting out all of the background of the tooling pattern after carving and placing a lizard skin behind the layer so it shows through the cutouts on the top layer. Assembly is completed when the belt is then lined and finished as we do on our other styles. Lizard Inlay is available in Black, Dark Brown, and Peanut Brittle. Inlays can be different than lizard.  Just call for more options, or make a personal request. This is also shown above in stingray.

Styles of Belts
The buckle that you have chosen for a belt will determine which of the following style of belt that you need. Generally, most buckles take belts that are 1 1/2", 1", or 3/4" in width, and can be straight or tapered. For example, you may have a belt buckle that takes a 1" belt, and our suggestion would be a belt that is 1 1/2" wide at the back and tapers to 1" at the buckle and tip ends. However, you may prefer a 1" straight belt, or a belt that tapers from 1 1/4" to 1". So you see, you can have varying widths at the back (keeping in mind the width of your belt loops), but the leather ends that go through the buckle must fit the buckle inside width.

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This belt style will be a uniform width throughout its entire length. The most common width is
1 1/2 inches, used primarily for trophy-style buckles.
Tapered Belt


The main body of this belt will be a uniform width, and will narrow at the buckle and tip ends. The most requested sizing will be 1 1/2 inches in the main body, with the ends tapered to 1 inch. Also popular is 1 1/4 inches tapering to 3/4 inch and some other combinations are possible.
Traditional Ranger style

Traditional Ranger (add $125):

The main body of the belt is a uniform width along its length. For the buckle and tip ends, an additional, narrower, piece of leather, called a billet, is stitched to the main body of the belt. In this arrangement, there are two layers of the main belt body that overlap and form a background behind the buckle, keeper and tip set. This style adds some thickness at the front because of the layers of leather in that area, but gives a nice look and remains popular. The benefit of the ranger belt is the "all one width" look in the front, unlike that of the tapered belt.
New Ranger Style

New Ranger (add $100):

This design arose from a desire to offer a thinner belt in the buckle area than the traditional ranger style. In this style, the main body of the belt is a uniform width along its length, with the exception of the buckle end. The buckle end is tapered to the size of the buckle set, and when fastened, the buckle set is highlighted from the rear by the extension of the full width piece behind the tip end of the belt. The design is thinner than the regular ranger style by two thicknesses of leather, yet offers the same highlight effect of the traditional ranger style. Most commonly done with a 1 1/2 inch main body and 1 inch ends, but can be made to other dimensions. Again, has the "all one width" look in the front without the taper.




We will be posting new specials to our website very soon, so stay tuned!

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